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Michal Fedeles

Michal Fedeles, PhD – elevating people development towards creativity, sustained performance, and satisfaction. I help leaders rethink how best to engage and inspire teams, and I support trainers and instructors in making online and hybrid learning just as personal, powerful, and fulfilling as the best learning in person.


How it all began for me

As a student in my native Slovakia, I found myself in front of a class of mischievous fifth-graders new to studying English, with textbooks on order but not to arrive for months. As I contemplated my approach, I recalled my best experiences as a learner: feeling respected, challenged and supported all at the same time, and being deeply engaged in learning that I found meaningful. I followed my instincts, immersing my young students in learning through imagination, play and discovery and the experience proved immensely rewarding!

Moved by the deeply human nature of learning, I relocated to Canada to study the psychology of learning, and pursue a career weaving together learning, human development, and leadership. My teaching and professional engagements have involved bringing deeply personal, curiosity-driven, purposeful learning to professional education. I have grown into an education aficionado, sharing my passion for authentic and deeply meaningful learning and leadership development with hosts of academic and professional educators and leadership teams in North America and Europe.


What inspires my work

I believe that being intentional about our continued growth as leaders and persons, compassionate with one another, and playful in our approaches (rather than rigid or overly formal) helps all of us make the world a better place. This philosophy has guided my contributions to education in health sciences (University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University), applied and organizational psychology (Adler University), and leadership (Justice Institute of British Columbia).

In 2020, as educators around the world were challenged to bring their best teaching online, I took a fresh look at the power of authentic professional learning – online and in person – beyond the pandemic. My little book, PLAYFUL: The art of teaching virtually, continues to energize instructors, trainers and coaches globally about bringing compassionate and impactful learning and development to organizations and communities using creative and systematic approaches.


Why work together

Perhaps you are bringing a change to your organization and your instructors are being called on to support everyone in getting up to speed on a new system. Or your seasoned team members are helping onboard new colleagues, and you are looking to support them in developing the competencies to do so. Or you offer a range of learning options that could use a sharper focus, better alignment, or a more engaging and energizing implementation. Or you envision a more inclusive, diverse and growth-minded future for your business, and you are wondering where to start. Or you are striving to build a supportive, coaching culture. Or ...

If some of this describes your current reality, piquing curiosity about what is possible, let's connect to explore ways of furthering your organization's causes together. If we click, let's draw up an action plan – possibly involving a colleague or two with whom we have worked together closely over the years. And then: The most powerful part of every plan is the action it sparks and the rewarding experiences it creates!

Get in touch today, so we may begin exploring and taking the action steps together!


Credentials and certifications

My study of systems science, leadership, and cognitive, developmental and educational psychology culminated in my earning a doctorate in education from the University of British Columbia. My professional engagements and a range of subsequent development opportunities and certifications in educator development, leadership, emotional intelligence and change leadership have proven invaluable in prompting fresh approaches and enhancing my professional practice as educator and consultant.

I have authored and led applied courses and development programs in effective teaching, facilitation, coaching, behaviour change, health and leadership, and I support postsecondary and professional education programs in advising roles.

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Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) Certified Facilitator and Trainer
Instructional Skills Network

Certified Leadership Development Practitioner
(Leadership Circle 360, Culture Survey / Collective Leadership, Leadership System / Organizational Leadership)
The Leadership Circle

Clear Leadership Trained
Clear Leadership

Certified EQ-i2.0 and EQ360 Practitioner
Multi-Health Systems (MHS)

Certified Change Practitioner