Michal Fedeles

Michal Fedeles, PhD

Caring connections, inspiring learning, conscientious development.

I help trainers and instructors bring joy and playfulness to teaching, and I support leaders and teams in creating results that matter.


Bring your best teaching: Truly engage learners, online and off.

Each of us can make a greater impact by being authentic and playful. Find inspiration, practical considerations, and reflection questions to guide your most effective approach to supporting learners.

“I wish I’d had this book when I first started teaching virtually a dozen years ago—actually, I wish I’d had it when I first became an educator almost 40 years ago, as it is invaluable in any educational context.”
– Steven

PLAYFUL: The Art of Teaching Virtually and the free companion tools will support you in bringing your fresh ideas into daily practice.


Your ultimate development program is here. Turn intent into impact. Explore aspects of learning that make the greatest difference, try fresh approaches, reflect in new ways, and build confidence.

“This program has been a great learning process for me and has permanently changed the way that I teach and engage people in my life … including my children.”
– Sara

Build a powerful learning plan, engage with a coach, and join a small group of colleagues for a deeper dive into the art of teaching.

Dates are available for cohorts wishing to start in 2023.


Take your passion for supporting powerful learning to the next level in one-on-one or small group development sessions.

Evolve an authentic, effective and satisfying practice. Discover how personalized developmental coaching can enable greater alignment, performance and impact in your organization.

“Thank you so much for a phenomenal learning experience. You have amazing energy and presence which truly fosters a very safe and nurturing learning environment.”
– Dee

Learning takes on meaning in context, and every organization is unique. We create tailored professional development programs, and can help your organization rethink learning and development.


Get inspired to make an even greater impact as an educator and leader. By relating to the people around you deeply and playfully, make learning powerful and practice more effective.

"There were many insights you provided that I will use for the rest of my life."

"I loved how interactive the session was."

"Pushing me yet being empathetic and supportive."

Bring your team together for a day, month, or lifetime of playfully exploring ways to engage deeply in learning and supporting one another in creating outcomes that matter.


Thoughtfully designed, well executed, timely learning opportunities show employees that the organization and its leaders value their contributions. Being supported in learning and development conveys to individuals that they matter, belong, and are seen not just as employees but as persons.

Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) is about actively exploring supporting learning as part of a small group, trying new approaches, and getting inspired. Develop the competence and confidence to be an effective trainer, and earn the globally recognized ISW Certificate.

Frustrated, exhausted, ready to go home and unwind: Your team at the end of too...