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    Professional Development for Educators
    6 sessions with a development facilitator + reflective practice, 100% online
    $1,391.00 USD
    New to teaching? Being recognized for your expertise in a subject matter is one thing, standing in front of a class as a newly minted instructor is quite another.

    Here is what may help make learning powerful:
    • Reflecting on your most powerful experiences as a learner;
    • Examining a selection of proven education principles and approaches;
    • Applying learning instantly to your real-world teaching context;
    • Completing developmental challenges to take your teaching to a new level; and
    • Progressively refining the learning experience and results you enable.
    This program will guide you through the thinking and actions critical to designing and implementing learning experiences that are powerful and personal.

    Carefully selected education principles to consider and developmental challenges (exercises) to try will get you to immerse in creating learning experiences and results that are highly engaging, applied, and valued by your learners.

    This program offers instructors, trainers, teaching assistants and coaches a practical and playful approach to connecting powerfully with colleagues, enabling learning that inspires, empowers, and drives an effective and satisfying practice.

    Over six weeks, you will engage in self-directed study, reflection, setting intentions, a series of developmental exercises, and creating a complete plan for your next lesson. You will be supported by a certified development professional who will help you explore aspects of your and others' teaching, take risks and experiment with fresh approaches, and develop a more powerful teaching practice.

    You are welcome to book this program online (and confirm dates later), or contact us for a consultation. The program is tailored to each client's unique needs, in both focus and learning format.