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Playful: The Art of Teaching Virtually

PLAYFUL: The Art of Teaching Virtually

Bring your best teaching, online and off.

I approach teaching as a deeply human endeavour.

However we choose to go about teaching, we impact learners and leave an imprint. We have the ability to affect our learners’ points of view and mindsets, even shift their life journeys.

What truly matters in teaching is not presenting the curriculum, or ensuring that learners show up and submit assignments on time. At its core, teaching is about the human connection: developing a deep appreciation for our life experience and how each of us chooses to make a difference in the world.

I have come to believe that we bring the most value when we teach by being ourselves: honestly, openly sharing who we are, curious about one another, and vested in making a difference in whatever we are drawn to in life, however small that difference may be.

And, as you explore this little food-for-thought resource, the collection of companion tools below can help you put your fresh ideas into practice: