Developmental Conversations | Programs – Michal Fedeles


    A Development Program for Managers and Leaders
    24 hours, 100% online, Led by a facilitator
    Fee reflects a cohort of 4-6 participants, dates are negotiable.
    $2,773.00 USD
    Organizations may book this program for one or more cohorts of 4-6 participants whose roles involve supporting individuals' and teams' development and performance (HR personnel, managers, senior leaders, etc.).

    The participants immerse in an active exploration of developmental conversations. As part of a small group, they apply the principles of effective engagement, communication and support to preparing for ongoing developmental conversations with individuals and teams; practicing listening for understanding; and co-creating developmental intentions (goals).

    Over four weeks, participants engage in self-directed study, reflection, setting intentions, and developmental conversation practice. The opportunities to practice these supportive conversations in a small peer group take place in 'live' Zoom sessions in which participants take turns leading and participating, followed by sharing observations and perspectives. These 'live' sessions are scheduled one week apart to give participants the time to reflect on each developmental conversation practice, consider peer feedback, and revisit their notes (journal) as they plan and prepare for their next developmental conversation practice.

    By engaging participants with a range of experiences in supporting individuals' and teams' development, this course is an invitation to experiment with applying the principles of effective engagement, communication and support to conversations that are respectful, appreciative, and constructive.

    Organizations are welcome to book this program online (and confirm dates later), or contact us for a consultation. Tailored solutions are available.