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    A Course for Project Managers and Facilitators
    24 hours, 100% online, Led by a facilitator
    Designed for cohorts of 4-6 participants, dates are negotiable.
    $2,781.00 USD
    Organizations may book this program for one or more cohorts of 4-6 participants whose roles involve engaging individuals and groups in the pursuit of shared causes, and helping, as facilitators, groups do their best work together.

    Welcome to an active exploration of effective engagement and facilitation practices. You will find this cohort-based program to be designed not as a series of training sessions, rather as a space to engage one another as we establish a shared purpose and evolve our facilitation practice. The idea is to learn and develop together through thoughtful experimentation and reflection.

    As you immerse in this program, you are invited to pay close attention to those considerations around engaging and facilitating that may be new to you. Examine each of these considerations with curiosity, focusing on applying each to the specific, real-world contexts of your own work. As the practice of engaging and facilitating is both a science and an art, you will find value in exploring ways in which you can integrate new approaches into your practice playfully.

    Tailored to meet each team's specific needs and schedule, the program can be implemented as a series of half-day sessions combined with prompted reflection and application of learning, or as an extensive development program spanning several months, during which the cohort develops high competence in a full range of aspects of engagement and facilitation, with opportunities for coaching and support in evolving reflective practice.

    Over the course of the program, the cohort will engage in self-directed study, joint exploration of real-world scenarios, reflection, setting intentions, and coaching conversations. The opportunities to practice aspects of engagement and facilitation in a small peer group takes place in 'live' Zoom sessions, typically scheduled one week apart to give participants the time to reflect on their learning, consider the perspectives of their peers, apply fresh ideas in everyday practice, and revisit their notes (journal) as they set fresh intentions for further exploration and development.

    This program goes beyond the foundational principles of effective engagement and facilitation, towards creating authentic approaches to engaging others in deeply caring and compassionate ways. Participants tend to find that the program brings them inspiration and sparks their curiosity, promoting joy in continuing to explore, reflect, and evolve their practice as leaders in their area of work for years to come.

    The above description and price reflect the standard online offering of this course. If your organization has specific needs or scheduling requirements, please contact us for a consultation. We will do our utmost to accommodate your team's needs and schedule, anywhere in the world. Tailored solutions (including intensive, in-person, blended and hybrid offerings) are available, as is post-course support and coaching. This education service is VAT exempt.