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    Professional Development for Leaders
    90-minute session with a development facilitator, 100% online
    $219.00 USD

    Facilitation has become an invaluable management tool: a competency critical to helping teams be effective and organizations sustainable.

    Employees, stakeholders and customers increasingly demand being engaged with sincere interest and attention, and being involved in communications and decisions as partners -- making the development of facilitation skills a priority for managers and leaders at all levels

    Facilitation is the art of balancing tasks with relationships -- helping teams get the job done, while supporting them in developing deeper, more caring and supportive relationships with one another. It involved helping groups have an easier time getting along and being productive together.

    Let's tailor this 1-on-1 developmental session to your specific needs. The idea is to work together through the challenges and considerations that are important to you -- such as developing strategies and build confidence to address situations where:

    • The group is not clear on its purpose, mandate, or degree of autonomy;
    • The topic is contentious and participants bring strong and opposing voices;
    • Key components like trust, respect, or curiosity had not been established;
    • The boss, Board members, or other high-level stakeholders are in the room;
    • Strong personalities hijack the agenda or otherwise dominate conversations;
    • Emotions are high, undermining group process and compromising outcomes;
    • Time is of the essence and the group is struggling to get its work done.
    You will be supported by a certified development professional who will help you explore aspects of facilitation, consider and experiment with fresh approaches, and develop a more powerful facilitation practice.

    If you find value in this session and you wish to continue having occasional (or regular) conversations to explore approaches to effective facilitation, we can formalize a professional development program tailored to your needs, or simply connect as the need arises.

    You are welcome to book this program online (and confirm date and time later), or contact us for a consultation. The program is tailored to each client's unique needs, in both focus and learning format.