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Stay Relevant as a Leader: Five Actions

Stay Relevant as a Leader: Five Actions

As we take on new projects, larger teams, and more complex roles, the demands on our leadership increase. One day, we may reach our limits. You likely know a leader whose believes that the attitudes and actions that brought them success early on are the ones to apply, perhaps just a bit more forcefully, for the rest of their career. Yet, as complexity increases, simple approaches to leadership no longer work.

Our transitions to higher levels of leadership, and our experience at those levels, will be more satisfying if we are prepared for them. The first step is acknowledging that our future challenges inevitably will be more complex than the ones we have faced so far. Systematic leadership development is the most powerful way to remain effective and relevant – advancing both organizational and societal causes.

This is how we can equip ourselves for continued effectiveness and success as leaders:

  1. A great start is to consciously observe leaders we respect, and practice paying attention to the things that they pay attention to.
  2. It is essential that we invite systematic feedback on the impact of our leadership, and that we reflect on our impact regularly.
  3. Insights from our reflections and feedback will help us set intentions for ongoing development.
  4. To make an impact, we must focus on making the greatest positive difference – to our company, its people, and those we serve.
  5. Finally, the greatest impact comes from working in close alignment with others across the business – so our last task becomes to support other leaders’ development.

As the challenges we face become greater and the stakes higher, being intentional and proactive about developing as leaders keeps us effective.

Reflecting on your own growth and discoveries as a leader, what experiences and insights would you share with other leaders?

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