Are You a Fake Leader – Or a True One? – Michal Fedeles

Are You a Fake Leader – Or a True One?

Are You a Fake Leader – Or a True One?

Fake leaders use positional power to mask the limits of their effectiveness. We all have areas for growth – but by not being open to others’ thoughts and feedback, fake leaders become progressively disconnected from company reality, leading to poor decisions and insufficient support from others to carry projects through. A major change – a deeply personal transformation – is needed to help fake leaders avoid a catastrophic breakdown – their own or the business’s.

If you are reading this, you probably are not a fake leader – you welcome the opinions of others, and likely reflect on how those opinions relate to your own experience and work context. In fact, being honest – at least to yourself – about your limitations and open to development – in a format that fits you – are key steps towards being a true, effective, and recognized leader.

Kick-starting your development can be simple. First, put a recurring time block into your calendar for reading, reflecting, and planning how you will show up as a leader in all your work interactions. Second, seek anonymous feedback on your leadership to help define your growth areas. Third, adopt a systematic – thoughtful and regular – approach to your development. By reflecting on your actions, debriefing with a trusted colleague (or spouse), and pursuing realistic growth goals, you will bring a welcome change to your leadership effectiveness and energy!

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