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Make an Impact

Make an Impact

There is a scene in the movie Collateral Beauty in which an actress playing Death asks Love, “Do you want to be loved, or do you want to make an impact?” That question is equally profound when it comes to leading: When we lead, are we driven by the urge to comfort ourselves, or to impress others – or are we leading with our values, clear about the impact we make?

Some years ago, a colleague of mine took great pride in leading a highly visible program in the company. He did not see merit in seeking formal feedback on his leadership – all he had been hearing from colleagues was reinforcing praise. People around us can be selective when giving feedback to our face – most people try to avoid hurting others’ feelings, or getting pulled into a potentially compromising conversation (especially with the boss). Yet when my colleague invited thoughts on the impact of his leadership in an anonymous survey, the suggestions led to a higher-calibre program, a boost to the team’s morale – and a more effective leader. Understanding the impact of our leadership helps us be more effective.

If a year or more have passed since your last 360 assessment (or if you have yet to get your first), let’s take a fresh look at your leadership effectiveness, discuss where you want to take it next, and develop a plan to help you get there. Craft a firm plan of action to elevate your leadership.

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