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Elevate Your Leadership

Elevate Your Leadership

Stepping into a new role – to lead a project team, champion a change, or run a department – can be overwhelming. To prove ourselves as leaders, the first instinct may be to project the image of confidence, adopt a more controlling style, and impress the new boss.

In their work on leadership consciousness, Bob Anderson and Bill Adams show that success at a greater leadership challenge is not about fitting in; it is about being a fuller, truer version of who we already are. Leading effectively at a new level of complexity calls for the kind of developmental maturation that is needed to progress from adolescence to adulthood.

The Leadership Circle’s unique 360 assessment powerfully uncovers the beliefs that made us successful as leaders earlier on – and how those same beliefs can compromise our leadership when complexity begins to rise. A new frame of mind is required for continued success.

Taking charge of this personal transformation and developmental maturation early helps leaders be effective from day one as the next level of leadership challenge presents itself. The journey, and the results, are profound.

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