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Being a Mentor Every Day

Being a Mentor Every Day

When a trusted colleague or friend — someone who wants to see us grow — shares an opinion, offers feedback on our actions, or points out a blind spot, they are helping us be purposeful, present, and effective. When teams embrace the spirit of mutual support, everyone becomes better at what they do, and the team contributes more to the organization’s pursuits.

What can keep us from supporting one another this way is an unsafe organizational culture where helping one another grow is not the norm. Perhaps where you work, a mere mention of ‘feedback’ causes reactions ranging from a feeling of being inadequate to the thought that getting fired surely is next. A culture of fear is not the way to advance a good cause.

Start a change by showing your vulnerability, courage and curiosity about others without judging. Have deeper conversations with people. Give lots of encouragement and praise. And allow others to see how you, too, are learning, and how mistakes can be so valuable.

When you invite others to help you grow by sharing more of their perspective about you, it will help them be more at ease with hearing your perspective about them. Mentoring can be a two-way street.

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