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When a Facilitator Is Not Needed

When a Facilitator Is Not Needed

When a team functions organically, it’s likely because its members are connected on a deeper level. They are clear on one another’s values and beliefs, and exchanging perspectives freely is second nature. There is no need to dance around topics or speculate about one another’s assumptions. Organic teams do not require facilitators: There no need to discover common ground, and thinking and enacting win-win is already facile.

We can help create such organic dynamism by leading as a collaborator. Whether working with direct reports, peers, or the ‘higher ups,’ balancing our self-interest with the interest of others as we strive for a healthy exchange of ideas will inspire others to join in. They key is to be open to being influenced even when we have a well formed opinion.

People engage and contribute more eagerly out of the sense of belonging and commitment, not compliance. Your role is to support alignment with a common vision and synergy as teams do their best work organically. Respectful curiosity is always welcome — but directing, even facilitating, may not make the pursuit easier.

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