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Fostering Team Play

Fostering Team Play

We help bring out the best in others when we relate to them in ways that they experience as caring, enabling, and supportive.

When teams synergize, their members are motivated to perform, their conversations are more honest, and creating as a team becomes more satisfying than working individually. As leaders, we can promote such positive energy and high performance by fostering team play: removing barriers to experimentation, ensuring everyone contributes their best, and celebrating the successes of the whole team (rather than star players).

Consider team play not as a way of completing tasks, but as a natural way of being, creating, and always growing for humans working together. People perform better, and live more fulfilled lives, through the exerience of caring connections and shared purpose. We also grow together — as individuals and as a team — by tackling everyday pursuits playfully. Empowering teams to play can be as simple as easing off on offering direction or control when all the team needs is to do its thing.

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