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Caring Connections

Caring Connections

To examine leadership in new ways, I invited friends and colleagues to join an informal Leadership Conversations ‘club’ – to connect outside of work, tell stories, and support and inspire one another.

To kick things off, we explored the role of Caring Connections: the difference it makes to us when we are genuinely cared about and supported – and the value of bringing more of a caring connection to our interactions with people. Admittedly, relating to others on a deeper level may not always be our go-to strategy. Yet, being intentional about connecting beyond ‘same old’ – by showing an interest in the other person rather than merely assigning tasks – can go a long way in helping a colleague become more at ease around us, and more keen to support our goals.

So next time you chair a meeting, start by praising the team for its good work, listen more attentively when others speak, and let people see more of the real you by sharing a silly or embarrassing moment from your weekend. Or simply smile and nod as you pass people in hallways. Turning everyday interactions into opportunities to build more caring connections will bring great value to you, the team, and your collective efforts.

Join Leadership Conversations to explore what makes and breaks our efforts as leaders. The Leadership Circle’s integrative model provides a framework for this exploration and a free self-assessment of leadership effectiveness. Or, for a personalized conversation about evolving your leadership, reach out.

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